You can pay online via our booking provider – Worldpay.

At some of our holiday camp venues you can pay with Tax-credits and childcare vouchers.

Click on Tax-Free Locations to see the details you require to make a payment to one of our clubs. Do call the office on 0844 682 7500 or email if your school/location isn’t on the list.

**VERY IMPORTANT** Once you have made the payment please contact us, as we require your payment references so we can allocate the payment to your booking.

Each Child will have their own unique reference made up of 9 letters/numbers;

The first letter will be the beginning letter of the child’s first name,

The next three, will be the first 3 letters from the child’s last name,

Followed by 5 numbers and “TFC”

(E.g. David Williams = DWILL98765TFC)

We cannot allocate the payment unless we know the reference, unfound payments can affect your booking going ahead as normal.

If you have any questions about the tax-free childcare payment process, please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0844 682 7500 or email

Childcare Vouchers.

We accept all major Childcare Vouchers and are already set up with the majority, please click on Voucher Providers to see the current providers and their unique references/codes, ready to use.

If your voucher provider isn’t on the list. Please the office on 0844 682 7500 or email