Pro Player Centres aim to develop both the individual player and the whole squad in all our sessions.

As a squad

  • Possession based sessions
  • Be confident to play out from the back and be comfortable on the ball.
  • Make the pitch big in possession and control the tempo of the game
  • Defend quickly, applying high pressure to win the ball back as quickly as possible as close to the oppositions goal.

As an Individual

  • Advanced technical relationship with the ball
  • Confidence to be creative and innovative in 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios
  • Positive attitude to exploit any forward space on and off the ball
  • Effective Decision-Making skills


  • Love the game – play with a smile
  • Willingness to learn – Ask Q’s
  • Team First Attitude – train and play for the team
  • Strive to be the hardest working player at every training session.
  • Wear the Pro Player Centre Kit – positive team atmosphere.
  • Arrive to training on time – ready to train