The objective of Pro Player Centres is to provide a coaching experience that is similar to that of a professional academy. Our contact time is shorter than professional set up’s, so what we loose in time, we make up in high quality coaching.

Having an environment that replicates the professionalism of category 1 or 2 academies is essential, to aid the development of each individual. The approach regularly seen with coaching companies or clubs is that they take the individual as the starting point. We are
different in the fact that we start with a ‘team objective’ and then work with the individual, within this task. This is to ensure they gain all the necessary experiences and are well ‘equipped’ for the game.

Within our objective development model we will strive to give every player in Pro Player Centres;

1. Structured and detailed coaching sessions to enable each player to reach the team objective

2. An environment that is similarly seen at professional football clubs

3. The opportunity to take part in a competitive training and games programme

4. Possibly gain a trial at a professional football club with the relationships Pro Player Centre has forged